Pandemic Week 8

I’m happy to report that my anxiety has been less (not gone though) this week and I got some productive stuff done, despite still feeling fairly unmotivated. I made it online to my VIP group to unbox packages and then demonstrate 2 of them. I did a mani live with gel strips and I did a facial with exfoliation and I can’t believe how soft my face is. It’s got to be the best product I’ve used for my face in a very long time.

My sleep has shifted a little. Still off, but different. I’m feeling more sleepy earlier, but still only sleep about 3 hours at a time and end up napping. Except for one day that I did totally crash and slept for a full 9 hours. I’m so glad that I’m able to just sleep when I’m tired and able to with no specific responsibilities right now. This would be terrible if I had to wake and be functional at specific times. 

I’ve shifted my walking from videos in my bedroom to actually walking outside. I have been going outside in the evenings, after stores are closed so there’s less people on the streets. I downloaded an app to track my distance and have been walking 1-1.5k each night. The fresh air has been fantastic and I’ve really been enjoying watching the night sky as I walk. One of the nights had the Super Moon – and I didn’t even know it at the time. I just kept staring at it. I tried to snap a picture of it but my phone takes really crappy photos of far away stuff like that – so I asked my friends son, Brayden, to get one for me because he’s great at taking pics with his camera.

This week ended with Mother’s Day.  I called my mom in the evening when I went on my walk and we talked for a nice 20 minutes.  Then my son came to hang out with me in my room for a few hours and we played some games.  He knows I like the old school games like Super Mario 3.  Even though he hates that game, he indulged me and played some with me.  We bounced around a little and played some Mario Cart and Mario World as well and just had a fun few hours both doing terrible but just hanging out. It’s great having a grown kiddo who’s willing to hang out for a few hours and laugh and joke together.  It was fun remembering parts of the game from when I was his age and playing these same games and showing him a few things he didn’t know about and he remembered a few things that I forgot about.  I think I surprised him with being able to pass certain levels too.  We definitely need to do this more often. I’m glad he’s willing to share his Switch with me so I can kill some time in all this isolation by checking into Animal Crossing and play some Tetris 99 to pass the time. 

That’s about it for this week.  

Until next time, xoxo

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Week 8”

  1. i’m glad you had a better week, especially leading up to mother’s day.

    i’ve had my fun moments of the old Nintendo games with my youngins as well. did you show him the whistles? 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      We sure did get the whistles.. he knew where 1 of them was himself and I taught him about 1.

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