Pandemic Week 7

This is a much quieter week with not as much to write about. Things are pretty much similar to the last few weeks. I know these posts don’t get read as much as my tutorials/travel/heroclix posts, but that’s ok. They’re mostly for me to have a memory of this time down the line because of my terrible memory and to help people who are reading it who may be feeling similar to know that you’re not alone in feeling so off kilter.

I’ve felt quite emotional and had some strong moments of feeling lonely and really missing hugs from friends. Wrapping a blanket tight around me only goes so far. Anyone else do that too to get the feeling of being embraced?

Sleep has still been pretty lousy. I did have 1 day this week that I fell asleep around 2am and slept till about noon, but most days are still up until between 6-8am and awake by 1, but broken sleep of waking 2-3 times in there.

The energy and motivation is still quite low. No baking this week even. I’m really wanting to play heroclix again, but I need the mental energy to build a team with all these now legal pieces for modern age and a completely new team for what will soon be post rotation. I’m grateful for all these content creators streaming games so I can still stay in the loop a little to see what some of this new stuff does. I need something for now that’s really easy to pilot and not all that intricate. 

I’m missing the feeling of just being allowed to go to the store. It’s tough when its so high strung out there. I haven’t been to a store since March 20th, my last day of work I stopped at the store on my way home. Since then its been all instacart and my brother has been the store going person when we need top ups from what we can get through instacart. I’m not even a big shopper, in fact I’m really not crazy for shopping and I’ve never been one to just go to the mall and browse. I need a reason to go to a store. But I liked having the option.

I did leave the house one time this week though! I went for a walk at 9pm for about 20 minutes. I was working on a pokemon go quest that required my buddy to get a candy, so I pushed through my leaving the house anxiety and took a walk around the block – staying on my little dead end street and walked a kilometre. It was a gorgeous day and in the evening it was still really nice. It felt great to get some fresh air. When I was done, I just sat on my front steps for about 10 minutes before going back in. Being outside caused a ton of emotions to go through me and I spent a lot of the evening back in my room with tears from feeling so overwhelmed with emotion. I try and kind of push what’s all happening out there out of my mind, but going outside made me miss things before all this hit.

That’s about it this week around here.  What are you doing to fill your time if you’re home? If you’re reading along with me – thanks! 

Until next time, xoxo

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Week 7”

  1. i’m still following along when i remember to, Emily. keep your head up: irl hugs won’t be too far off the horizon.

    1. Thanks Wes <3 I just see the analytics and know that the tutorials and clix posts are the ones that get read most 😉 Thanks for reading and can't wait for one of those hugs to come from you!

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