Pandemic Week 94

Cases have almost doubled again over 18,000. But soon those numbers are going to be no where near accurate because they’ve announced they won’t PCR tests anymore, except in certain circumstances – like high risk individuals in high risk settings and they also are not going to track cases in schools when they go back. They’ve also reduced isolation time for those who are vaccinated. Who knows where things are going to go from here.

Happy New Years! I hope 2022 is a better year and we get back to living life, seeing each others faces and all the hugs. I miss travelling and seeing friends so much. In terms of my word of the year, 2021 was CHANGE. I sure embraced it and the universe made sure I did too. At the beginning of the year I stepped back from Jamberry/Youngevity and joined Juvenaé. I was so excited to be with a ground floor company and part of the Canadian test market – only for it to completely fall apart right after the official launch here 6 months later. That got me looking at other options, but of course staying in the nail space. It was a hard decision, but I ended up with Color Street when they launched here in August and I haven’t been happier. I’m so thrilled with my decision and have rocked it every month since I joined. When my work re-opened in July, I realized how bad I had gotten physically. No energy, flexibility and so much pain. I decided to incorporate walking, DDPY and healthier food choices. For my mental health I’ve also been consistent with my therapy appointments the whole year. I’m still working narrow down the list for my 2022 word of the year. I’m having trouble deciding which one to focus on. 

Speaking of mental health, this can be a really hard time of year. Touch base with friends and family and make a habit of sharing your love with those close to you. You never know what masks someone is putting on when they could be struggling. This is a reminder to myself too as I’m not always the best at reaching out. My anxiety prevents me from doing it sometimes because I feel like I’m bothering people. 

This was an exciting weekend with the side biz. I ran my December draw giveaway of a fully stuffed stocking of self care stuff. There were over 90 ballots, so it was a supper successful incentive! I also put up my January incentives. Join my VIP group and check out the pinned feature announcement to check it out! No new mani pic to share this week – I’m putting it on tonight when I’m done writing this post. 

Last Saturday of work for a while? With the latest covid restrictions that reduced capacity back to 50%, that means my work has cut the bingo back again, which means no more Saturdays. Unless they’re short staffed and are desperate for someone to fill in, like yesterday. I’m looking forward to having my full weekends back!

Ended the weekend with sleeping in, relaxing with a lazy day and watching a movie with the kiddo. Great start to the year! 

Until next time, xoxo