Pandemic Week 98

Well here we are, back to reopening after the latest lockdown. This time it was only 3.5 weeks. Things officially reopen tomorrow, but I’ve been back since Thursday to help get things ready for the relaunch day.

I was able to get an appointment for my booster shot this week. I was glad to get it before going back while still off work. This time it was Moderna that was available and my last two were Pfizer, so I’ve now got mixed doses. I ended up having a little physical reaction to this one. My arm got a really hard, red, painful, hot to touch lump about 1.5″ around near the injection site the day after I got the shot. It’s still there now, about 5 days later, but it’s improving greatly and almost gone. I was reading that they call it covid arm. I also had headaches for 2 days. I didn’t get the flu like symptoms that I had with the Pfizer one though. 

I’m so behind the times and super late, but I finally got my 2020 taxes done. I figured I better get them done. Not just because I was so late with it, but in the event the lockdown got extended and there wasn’t more work at home for them to keep me on and I’d need to apply for assistance again. I don’t think you can if your taxes aren’t up to date. The program I use that use used to be free, is now charging $15. I had some difficulty putting the code in and had to email them. They said it’s because I had downloaded it before December and gave me a code that works. They said that the code would also work for the 2021 one, when I’m ready to do that – so awesome, I ended up getting 2 for 1 by being late. I actually owed a tiny bit instead of getting a refund. I’m sure that was from being on EI and not enough getting taken then. I’m glad I have extra taken from my work cheque or it would have been more. I always have extra taken off because of the side biz and no taxes being taken off of that. 

I finally narrowed it down and chose my word of the year – ENOUGH. I struggle with self confidence and feeling worth of myself, so I figured it’s a good word to focus on and put the intentions in the forefront of my mind. Try and change those negative self thoughts into positive ones. I don’t know how I’ll succeed in changing those views, but I’m willing to work on it and see what happens. 

I’m ready to throw my phone against the wall. I got it about a month ago and the last week, it’s started having issues. It’s a refurbished phone, but I thought it was fine. The first 2 weeks or so it was – then suddenly it started. Occasionally the touch screen doesn’t work, sometimes the screen starts flickering/glitching/shaking and occasionally going black (but a bright backlit black, not a screensaver phone going off black). I’ve contacted the company (3rd party seller on Best Buy) and they asked for a video of what was happening. No problem, I had the kiddo video it. Then they replied with a return label and said they’ll take a look at it and either refund or replace. So I replied that I can’t be without a phone for over a week and don’t want a replacement, only refund and now I’m waiting on a reply again. So now I’m going to have to go on the hunt for a new phone again. Definitely not going refurbished again. What a pain! 

It’s been another fun week of Heroclix watching. Games for the Epilepsy tournament are still going on. Not as frequent because Swiss rounds are done and we’re into single elimination. The games have been really fun to watch and I’m so glad there’s the tournament going on to be able to have them to watch. I hope now that things are opening up here again that we’ll soon have in person play again too. I miss playing at the store! 

This has been a great month for the side biz again. I decided to end the month with a weekend promo for side biz and my VIP group seemed to absolutely love it. I’m so glad that the incentives and promos that I offer are well received. I’m still trying to decide what to do for a promo for February. But for January, I’ve done really well and I’m *so* close to my monthly goal. Literally 1 order on my site away from it. The month isn’t over yet! Still 1 more day and we all know that anything can happen in a day! Oh, no new mani yet this week – I’m still wearing the last one I showed and have had it on 2 weeks now. It still looks perfect, other than the growth at the base, so I’m not changing it just yet – but I’m SO ready for a new look…. so soon! 

I finally got around to calling service Ontario to remove myself from my doctor so I can find a new one. I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this here. A few years ago, I finally found a doctor who was accepting new patients. She was nice and walking distance from my house. I saw her a few times but didn’t need to see her for a bit. I went to make an appointment with her and when I called there was no answer and no answering machine. I’ve tried a few times since and same thing. I decided to google her and turns out her license was expired, so I have no idea what happened. So when I was in the hospital a few months ago and they asked about my family doctor, I said I didn’t have one. I went on health care connect to try and have them help me find a new doctor but it was showing that I was still connected to her and the only way to have me not be associated with her was to contact her to say I didn’t want to have her as my family doctor anymore (not possible with no answering) or to call healthcare connect. Anyone that knows me, knows I hate the phone and have anxiety around making calls. I finally got around to making that call this week. I’m so proud of myself. He said it can take up to 2 weeks to get the letter in the mail that says I’m no longer with that doctor and then I’ll be able to look for someone new and sign up on the site if I want them to help find someone. 

That’s me this week! 

Until next time, xoxo

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