Pandemic Weeks 84 & 85

In the world of the pandemic locally, we’re moving to normal capacity limits for places that require proof of vaccination with the mask mandate and social distancing still in place.  The weekly average is still slowly dropping for us here in Ontario.

2 weeks ago I had a distance reiki session that was absolutely amazing and nothing like I’ve ever felt before. I’m so appreciative of my friend who reached out to me and offered to gift me with this session after all the physical and mental struggles I’ve been having.  I’m working on writing up a full post on the whole experience, so look out for that soon! 

Speaking of physical struggles, my bowels still aren’t back to normal but they’re better than they were when I last wrote.  It’s crazy how much being on the antibiotics messed with me for so long.  My body just isn’t used to me having anything so it’s definitely going through a detox from all the meds I had to be on. 

The mental struggles have been strong these last few weeks too, hence my not getting a post up last week.  Thankfully the depression hasn’t been strong and I’ve had some motivation to keep chugging along, but the anxiety has been real strong.  I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed around work stress and just life in general. I have some moments that I’m ok and then it just hits me – especially at night when I’m winding down.  So glad that my next therapy session is this week coming.

I’ve been doing really well with the walking every day after work and I’ve been enjoying making occasional calls some days to catch up with friends and family as I walk.  I really don’t make phone calls but it’s really nice sometimes to have those conversations instead of just texting or using messenger.  You can hear the emotion and share so much more detail.  I need to do it more often.  If you’re reading this and want me to call you on one of my walks, send me a message!  I usually walk around 4pm, give or take 30 mins. 

I’ve been doing ok with my food – especially for meals, but I’m struggling with feeling snacky in the evenings and have been giving into choices that aren’t the greatest. I know the solution is to not purchase them in the first place and then they’re not an option when the mood strikes, but it’s so much easier said than done. I’m sure part of it is my monthly is due in the next few days and I tend to feel more ravenous around then. 

I had a really relaxing weekend last week. I just let myself take a step back and let myself feel the feels and take care of myself by slowing down – but even with having no specific plans, I just didn’t feel up to writing and getting a post up last week. 

This weekend was the opposite. It turned into a crazy busy weekend.  Saturday I travelled to Brampton with Mike and played heroclix. It was a super fun format of building 3 different teams and you play a different one for each round. I ended up building with some new convention exclusive figures that I had just gotten thanks to a US friend hooking me up and then Mike picked it up from Jay when he went to grab his. So I build my teams around 3 of the figures so I actually use them instead of them sitting in the box forever. 

Then on Sunday I met with a new friend who joined my Color Street team. She reached out to me by finding me on my website when searching for someone local to her and I was one of the options.  When I replied to her email, we discovered that she lives really close to me and when I learned that she hadn’t tried the nail strips yet, I offered to either mail her a sample or to meet for coffee.  She chose coffee and we got together today.  She was super sweet and we got along so much that we sat and chatted for 2 hours!  After trying a sample and loving how easy they were to use and impressed how good my mani looked after having my current set on for a week, she decided to sign up on the spot.  I can’t wait to see where she takes her new side gig and I can’t wait to hang out with her again.  

I finally got my first Color Street tutorial video filmed.  I just need to edit it and upload it.  One filmed, may more to go!  I’ll get that up here soon as well and into the tutorial page so it’s easy to find. 

That’s about it for me these last 2 weeks.  Happy Halloween friends! 

Until next time, xoxo