Self Care Post of the Week – Positive Affirmations

*I want to start these self care posts by saying that I’m not a professional. I’m just someone who suffers from both anxiety and depression. These are all things that I personally do that help me either physically, mentally or both. What works for me may not work for you – so take these ideas as a stepping stone to figure out what resonates with and helps you. Something I DO know is the more consistent I am in focusing on various self care things for myself, the better I feel. As I write these, they will be added to the Self Care page so they can be easily found and not jumbled in with all the blog posts.

I have had a ton of negative thoughts that I’ve needed to try and reframe in my head. A lot of times, my anxiety latches on to these negative feelings about myself and my worth, so I’ve been working very hard to replace those with positive things instead.

When I first started this, I had trouble thinking of my own so I did a bunch of google searches of positive affirmations and made a whole list of anything that resonated with me and hit me in the feels. Some didn’t sit right at all for me and some were close but I needed to tweak, but I ended up coming up with quite the list of things that I needed to hear and repeat to hopefully have it feel natural and real for me.

I took some of the list and turned it into a graphic that I could look at all the time and turned it into the background wallpaper of my phone screen. This way, I always have it at my fingertips to look at whenever I need to. It also serves in a subliminal way – even if I’m not directly reading the whole thing. Any time I open my phone to do anything, it’s right there in my face and I’m absorbing that it’s there.

I’ve done the same thing with the wallpaper on my laptop screen as well. That one I change up more often for whatever I need to keep in the forefront of my thoughts. It’s all about keeping it fresh in your mind. I have heard of people also do things like putting post-it notes around places they look frequently like the bathroom mirror, closet door, fridge door, car dashboard or anywhere else you see often.

Since starting this, it’s really helped me with calming my mind and grounding me.  It’s also helped me to feel the emotions of pushing the negative thoughts from my mind as I repeat them. When I’m not believing things about myself like “I accept and love myself” or “I am in control”, it helps to repeat it to myself and allow myself the healing tears that sometimes come along with it to be able to release the negativity and allow the positivity and strength in. 

What’s one sentence, phrase or word that you need to hear more often that could help reframe your brain to positivity about yourself? I’d love it if you’d share in the comments below!

Until next time, xoxo