Summer WKO’s 2019

This season of WKO’s I was able to make it to 2 events. The first was a constructed event in Ottawa at the Comic Book Shoppe 2 and Jay, Devin and myself made our way there and eventually made it after a car crash ahead of us made our commute time double. Thankfully we were travelling the night before and staying with our friends Steve and Aja and we’re sure grateful that they weren’t mad at us for arriving after 2am instead of 10pm. I continued to play my Vulture team that I’ve been running for the last few months with the latest tweak of adding the Venom Harness as an alternate option for Vulture in the event my Octopus Arms get stolen. This was the tweak before the next tweak for Canadian Nationals where I changed it to the Bloodaxe after a brainstorm session with Jay after the event, which is much better. There were 10 people and they did 3 round Swiss, cut to top 8. 

Round 1 was against Devin who was trying one of his many teams he’s wanting to try out for Canadian Nationals. For this event he went with Starfire, Trader, Kobik, Voyager, Suited Henchman, Invisible Plane and ID’s. He won map and put us on Prison Tier. He moved up into one of the rooms with his group.  I did my usual start by picking TK with Lockjaw and rolled a 6, the worst thing to roll on to when facing a Kobik/Trader team. I chose to not token Lockjaw to TK the Octopus Arms (so he’d have to bring the team over to double token him to death and not just Kobik) and just sidestepped Vulture over to them instead. I also sidestepped the Big Tony’s into perplex position around Vulture for next turn.  In hindsight, I should have put them all around Lockjaw with the wall of the room so there was no adjacent spot for his Kobik and Trader to make their way in. He shoots a Big Tony with Starfire then comes in with the team to token Lockjaw to KO him. I perplexed up Vulture and KO’d Voyager then went after Kobik, hitting for 5 and called in Cyclops to finish her off and then retaled on Starfire with Groot and hit her to Stop. I missed with Walking Wood to finish her off. He calls in Wolverine faculty with Starfire to heal off Stop and kills Groot. I call in Jean and hit Trader with Psychic Blast to get him off the trade clicks. He kill a Tony and clears. I call in Cyclops to finish off Trader. He kills the last Big Tony. I call in Harley to Energy Explode to kill Starfire and that was game. I won 299-161, 1-0. 

Round 2 was against Patrick. He was playing an AIM theme team with Taskmaster (with Exospex), Black Widow prime, Suited Henchmen, Blue AIM, White AIM, 2x Red AIM and ID’s. He wins map and puts us on Stark Tower. We both sidestepped up a few turns, fairly safe with all the walls. The turn before my GO turn, I moved Unseen to a prob spot but it was a little too early, again in hindsight. He killed Unseen with Taskmaster and a single target Pulsewave. I called in Harley and went to 14/5 and Vultured through the whole team. I won 300-75, 2-0.

Round 3 was with Aja. She was playing a really neat Cosmic team of Astronomer, Possessor, Trader, Mr. Oz, Groot and ID’s. She wins map and puts us on Metal Arena. She TK’s out Astronomer out blows up my Venom Harness. I set up as usual with TK’ing the Octopus Arms and sidestepping up. She uses Astronomer to  RCE and hits Vulture. I pick Suppor with Lockjaw and missed and then retaled with Groot on Astronomer and missed. She brings Trader over and trades me his Space Gem for my Octopus Arms.  This is the first time someone has ever used Trader to swap objects with me. I choose support again with Lockjaw and succeed this time, minimum 2. I used Unseen to call in Cyclops to hit Trader and then sidestep Vulture to Trader and CCE, rolling a 10 hitting him to last click. Because I had the Space Gem and rolled a 10, I was able to move him next to Unseen to Poison him to death from the Remaker ring. Astronomer kills Vulture next turn with a RCE. I have a Big Tony kill a Walking Wood to get it out of the way. She retals with Groot to kill Big Tony and then Walking Wood kills the other 2 big Tony’s and time is called. I lost 133-50, 2-1 and I’ve made the cut. 

Top 8 is a rematch against Patrick. This time he chooses Earth X Wakanda. He splits up his team more this time and really spreads them out, but also comes forward.  I do my usual setting up.  Because he’s come so close, turn 2 I make my way around his team.  I’m able to get everything except for Black Widow because she rolled Shape Change, but I get her on the next turn.  I won 300-8.

Top 4 is a rematch against Aja. She choose Metal Arena again. This time I chose to set up on the other side of the starting area, the side without the elevated this time. She TK’d out Astronomer to blow up Venom Harness again. This time I TK’d out Vulture to call out Cyclops and moved up Big Tony’s to perplex him up but I missed the attack. She was able hurt Vulture, again in hindsight I should have body blocked with the Big Tonys. I retaled with Groot on Astronomer and hit. Walking Wood KO’d him with the first attack of Flurry and and hit Possessor with the second attack. I then called in my other Cyclops with Unseen to hit Possessor down more. She got my Groot then took out Unseen. I got Vulture back to Lockjaw to try and Support but rolled a 6 so I didn’t use it and kept him clear because she had Incap on dial. I got her Possessor to last click. She got my Tony’s out. She put Groot in sidestep range of Vulture. I was on click 4 with Vulture and was planning out my turn in my head as she was finishing up her turn. I was about to sidestep to him and CCE to KO him which would get me the Charge which would have given me the exact movement to make it over to Possessor to finish him off on last click which would then have the movement to get to her Trader but time was called before I had time to start it all.  Such a close back and forth game with a fantastic player! I lost 153-85.

Lot’s of hindsight moments in all the games today and I’m glad I had them in preparation for Canadian Nationals next week.  Great games and so close! 

The next WKO was a sealed one at Comic Book Addiction in Whitby.  We had 19 players and did 5 Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8.  I pulled a crazy team and was able to build a +6 Avengers theme team of Voyager, Medusa, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, AIM White, Black Panther prime and the Space Gem that I always had the Living Hair bring over to Medusa turn 1 so she could carry people for re-positioning, it was fantastic!  So I had 5 theme probs, on dial prob that could make extra pogs, 2.5 perplexes and 1.5 outwits, depending if Voyager got click 0 or not. It was practically a constructed team in sealed.  I am going to apologize now for the lack of details.  I didn’t take notes and only got pictures of the build sheets to remember what I faced. I’m pretty sure I won map every single game and I always chose the Underground Cavern in every game. 

Round 1 was against Keith.  He was playing Captain Marvel, AIM White, Medusa, Captain America with Time Gem and Astronomer. I creeped up safe behind the middle blocking area.  I was able to pick off his pieces one by one with really good dice rolls and his dice not co-operating at all.  I won 300-0, 1-0.

Round 2 was with Devin.  He had Starbrand, AIM Blue and Thor. We were mostly clumped up in a huge group for most of the game.  I used a theme prob with Medusa to push her to click 2 and then used the Plasticity on the Living Hair to tie his figures in place and just kept chewing away at his big figures. I won 300-0, 2-0.

Round 3 was against Jason. He pulled the worst SR’s in the set but was a great pilot of them winning his games.  His team was Ebony Maw, The Hood, Yellow Jacket and SHIELD Diplomat x2.  He had all the perplex in the world. I brought the group up and used the Living Hair to start the damage and body block.  Then I charged in with Black Panther on Ebony Maw and rolled a 5 on blades with doubles on the dice.  He missed Super Senses and the knock back KO’d him so I didn’t have to take any damage for Cull Obsidian. My dice were on fire and was able to hit everything to win 290-0, 3-0.

Round 4 was with Mike who had Proxima Midnight, Champion, Gardener and Voyager.  Mike hid his team really well near the edge of the map and used Gardener’s hindering markers to really slow my movement to be able to get to him easily.  I was able to get some of the people in to him and do a bit of damage but not enough to KO anyone right away. He used Voyager to TK Proxima through the wall to get to Captain Marvel and KO her. I don’t remember exactly what happened but I think he got out Medusa and then he phased away with Voyager and Champion. I don’t remember exactly what I had left on the board, I think Voyager and something else. He was down to Champion with only 2 clicks left. I lost 200-175, 3-1, and Mike was the first one to get the win on me and the first one to take points off me. 

Round 5 was against Shereef who had Red Skull, Black Ant and AIM Red. Again with the hot dice for me.  I had amazing blades rolls on his Red Skull and got him out in about 3 hits. Then it was just a matter of finishing off the rest of the team and I won 290-0, 4-1. 

Top 8 was against Conrad who was playing Loki, Falcon, Ant-Man and Dora Milage Midnight Angel. I used the Living Hair and Ancient Warlords to take out Loki so I didn’t care about the Mystics.  I focused on Falcon when he was double tokened so I didn’t care that he was immune and when he regened he rolled a 1 so he didn’t get to heal.  He was able to take out my AIM White only and I won 295-30.

Top 4 was with Cecil who’s team was Black Bolt, Malice and Baron Mordo. Again I used the Living Hair and Ancient Warlords to focus on Baron Mordo so I didn’t care about the Mystics. I also started my attacks on him so he’d use up his prob so when I would prob with Black Panther on later attacks I’d be able to make the Ancient Warlords. Again with the great blades rolls,  I won 300-30, only losing AIM White again. 

Top 2 was a rematch against Jason. This time Jason went for a hail Mary to try and one shot Medusa.  He perplexed up Yellow Jacket and charged over.  He hit with his attack but I used a theme prob and then he missed.  He brought over the rest of the team to do some outwitting and set up for next turn.  I was able to get a high dice roll on Ebony Maw again and he missed his Super Senses again and I rolled a 6 on blades to KO him in one shot.  This time I had to take Cull Obsidian but my toughness allowed me to survive it.  Jason missed his attacks and again, my dice were on fire and  I won 290-0.  

Once again, I’ve managed to win a Summer WKO and have my seat for next years Canadian Nationals nice and early.   

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Until next time, xoxo