Another Year Gone – 2019

And just like that, another year is in the books. What a year this was. Never in my life have I had as much spare time as I had this year. The year started out raw and hard. Feeling the feels from being recently single. But that all got so much better as the year went on. Embracing it by focusing on myself and enjoying the feeling of free. 

Over the summer my son decided to move back home.  About 3 years ago he decided he wanted to move out west to live with his dad.  As much as I missed him, he was officially an adult and I’m so glad that he tried something new and got to spend time with the other half of his family and grow those connections.  In the end he decided to come back to be able to spend time with his friends that he spent all his free time with online while he was gone. 

This year I had more free time than I knew what to do with.  I still haven’t written a full post about it, but my work closed 6 months. What a change of pace!  I’ve worked at the same place, moving my way up the, for 25 years!  Never taking more than a week off at a time and almost never even taking sick days.  To go from working all the time to zero work was such a different experience.  I’ll go into more detail in a full blog post soon, but know I am back to work and I’m in a better suited for me position.

Having all that extra free time let me experience all the travel.  Most of it carpool trips and all for Heroclix.  I got to go to Montreal, Indianapolis, Graceland, Michigan, Buffalo and Columbus.  There’s probably no way I could have made it to all those tournaments if I had work at the time.  

Another blog post that will be coming soon with more details, my side biz company had another change of ownership.  I’m excited for the change that I’ll finally have full access to it all soon.  I can’t wait to see all that they offer (hint: it’s TONS) and slowly try out new products to see how they can fit into my life.  However the best part is we will still have our current lineup of products – only with a better capacity for larger purchase orders so we won’t sell out of new launches so quick.  

One of the fantastic things of having no little kids around is I was able to have a completely stress free holiday and I couldn’t have asked for a better end to the year.  I asked my son (22 and working) what he wanted for Christmas and he just kinda shrugged and said he didn’t need or want anything and then he asked what I wanted and I felt the same way.  My brother lives with us too and he was also cool with not doing anything big.  So we settled on a zero gift Christmas.  We just invited our parents over and did our unusual tradition of meatball subs done in the crockpot.  This way no one is stuck slaving in the kitchen.  I did do a little baking because I enjoy it but I did way less than I usually do.  Then we all just hung out and listened to Christmas music and played some games.  No one felt upset about not having any gifts and it was wonderful to have the pressure off. 

So here we go into a new decade.  I’m not one to make specific resolutions but I do want to work on my health.  Sure, I’d love to drop some weight, but that’s not the ultimate goal.  I want to feel better.  I’m tired of feeling sluggish, bloated, anxious, light headed and sleepy.  More water, more produce, better sleep, more physical activity, better gut health with better food choices, less salt, more friend time and decluttering to help with mental health as well.

How was your year for you?  I’d love to hear your experiences and hear your goals for 2020. 

Until next time, xoxo